Noam's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday, we celebrated Noam's second birthday with a 'balloons and bubbles brunch' birthday party. We invited family and a few close friends and enjoyed a mid-morning brunch in our home surrounded by balloons, and it was just perfect. 


I am lucky enough to have a friend, Evian Granitz, (and Noam is lucky enough to have her son as a friend) who is an incredible photographer who, to my surprise, took some photos during our get-together. I couldn't have asked for a better gift than to have these gorgeous photos celebrating our sweet babe while they were here celebrating with us. 

I tried to keep decorations simple (though I learned I have a difficult time keeping anything simple or casual), and just hung up lots of balloons in bunches to look like bubbles. I got a few awesome balloon words like CHEERS and 'party' from the dollar spot at Target and hung them up, too. And then I blew up lots of balloons to float and sit in the living room.


I decided to do a brunch because 1. we love breakfast foods and 2. the timing made the most sense given Noam's typical nap time in the early afternoon. I scoured Pinterest and brainstormed during naps to come up with the menu. It consisted of some classic brunch foods and then some typical brunch foods reimagined for single-serve. 

Our brunch menu included mini pancake stacks, french toast dippers, asparagus and spinach quiches, croissants, maple chicken sausage wrapped in croissants and fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits. For favors, I packed up fleur de sel caramels in my favorite glass jars. Between us: most of the food (except for the baked goods that I made) was from Trader Joe's that was super simple to prepare!


For desserts, I made two small vanilla layer cakes with whipped vanilla frosting - one for party guests and one for Noam to eat (or play with). I also made french toast-inspired cupcakes for everyone to enjoy, which were maple cinnamon cupcakes with maple buttercream frosting and candied bacon on top. I think those were the biggest hit at the party!


Noam wasn't too sure about the sparkler birthday candle I placed in his cake, but he thoroughly enjoyed eating the icing off of the top of it. 


Throughout the party, we enjoyed all of the babies playing with the balloons and toys throughout the house and ventured into the backyard for some fun and photos. We were even able to get a photo of all of the kiddos together (and mostly still) on the couch by singing 'Happy Birthday!'

The day celebrating Noam - and us as parents - was absolutely perfect. I couldn't be more grateful to be this babe's mom and share in all of the joys of childhood with him.

Birthdays are a big deal to me - we are not guaranteed our next one, just as we are not guaranteed our next day - and each one that we reach is a milestone and a huge reason to celebrate. 

Happy birthday, my sweet little Noam! To many, many more birthdays to come!