Noam's 21 Month Update

Well, here we are again. I know it's been a while since I last posted. I started taking an online course to become a Certified Lactation Educator and I relaunched my business, Riles and Co., so between learning about how our bodies make milk and pouring candles, this blog got pushed to the back back burner. (I'm hoping to be able to focus on it again soon, so please stay with me!)

Anyway, here's how Noam's doing this month!


Basic Stats

Noam's probably around 27 or 28 pounds and seems to be getting taller by the day, but I don't have an exact measurement. (I'll update when I do.) He's wearing a mix of 18-24m and 2T clothing and is just about to outgrow his size 6 shoes. His hair is growing more and more everyday and is almost my exact hair color and type, with the exception of a few perfect curls at the nape of his neck that I've resolved to never, ever cut (for now). 


If you've been reading and following me for a while, you know eating is something we've sort of struggled to handle. For a long time, Noam ate very little solid food. Some days, he'd eat a few blueberries and maybe some yogurt. Some days, he'd only play with his food and throw it on the floor for the dogs to consume. (Other days, he'd eat very well, which made it confusing for me to figure out what exactly was going on.) It was frustrating and stressful and caused me a lot of anxiety for every mealtime. I worried that, as he became more active, he'd lose weight. (He did not.) But that's why, it's extremely relieving to know (or at least, think?) we've rounded a corner in the past few months. Noam now eats pretty well (for a toddler) - good quantities, a variety of things and is occasionally willing to try something new (gasp!). His favorite foods are mandarins, grapes, raisins, pasta, cheese, eggs, smoothies (where I load up on veggies), and applesauce. His definitely a fan of fruits, and I'm working on getting more veggies into him (right now, they make their way into smoothies, applesauce and mixed in with pasta - taking any and all suggestions for more creative veggie consumption!). 

Noam also continues to nurse on demand, which some days will be 4 or 5 times and some days will be approximately 7,000 times. He nurses through the night, as well. The way he says 'milky' (and sometimes tacks on 'pees') when he asks to nurse is the sweetest thing, and will never get old to me.  



If you follow me on Instagram, you know that for the first year or so of Noam's life, he would nap only in my arms. It was exhausting at times, but those snuggles meant more to me than any pile of laundry or dishes I would've done in that time. He very rarely falls asleep in my arms anymore, and I wouldn't trade those hundreds - maybe thousands - of hours for anything at this point. Noam now wakes up around 8am, naps by himself in bed for 2-3 hours (typically 1ish to 3ish) and goes to sleep at night around 9:30pm. He's always put himself on a later schedule, and we just follow his lead. 

He nurses a few times throughout the night, but he's in bed with us and doesn't stir to do so, so no one wakes up from it (including him). While bed-sharing definitely isn't for everyone, it's been such an incredible thing for us. 

Activity & Development

There is so much to say here. But in the interest of brevity, I'll just share what comes to mind immediately. 

Noam is becoming such an incredibly curious, smart, funny, happy little boy, and it makes toddlerhood, I think, the best stage yet with him. He loves to sing (his favorites are the ABCs, Twinkle, Twinkle, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, The Wheels on the Bus, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider) and dance, jump and climb, blow bubbles, play with his cars and kitchen, stack blocks, watch the birdies and duckies and goosies and boats on the river, help feed the dogs, brush his teeth and hair, take walks, paint, and, last but definitely most important, read books. Books are just about his favorite thing, and we'll go through a stack of 20 or 30 a day. (I'm always looking for more book recommendations, too!) He's such an active toddler, that keeping up with him is exhilarating and exhausting. 

In addition to being active, Noam loves to talk, and his vocabulary continues to shock me every day. It is incredible the words he knows and things he identifies. I kind of stopped counting, but he's got between 100-150 words and is picking up new words every day. He's even begun stringing 2, 3 and 4 word sentences together, which are actually shocking to hear (I still see my tiny baby, and tiny talking babies don't exist). 


Noam's just about the most fun I could've - no, he's definitely more fun than I ever - imagined, and I think the 'heart of gold' expression has never made more sense to me. He's independent and strong-willed, sensitive and empathetic, curious and creative. He loves to learn and explore new things, and he's constantly observing and taking in the world around him in the most genuinely beautiful way. 

One of the greatest joys of motherhood has been watching Noam develop into the person he is becoming, and I couldn't be prouder of or more excited for who that is. While every stage so far has had its challenges, they've each had incredible gifts, and I feel like this stage might be the best one yet.