New Baby Gift Guide

I've been meaning to get to this post for a while, so I'm thrilled to finally hit 'publish' on this one. 

So many new babies have been brought into our lives in the last few weeks and months, it's reminded me of all the sweet new baby coos and smells and giggles that fill the homes of newborns. While the baby registry is a great place to list all of the items you and the baby need, there are plenty of beautiful, special items that don't make the cut - though I'm a firm believer we all do need that gorgeous walnut rattle and heirloom teether - and, I believe, those items are best gifted, (preferably with some homemade comfort food and cookies). 

So I've rounded up some of my favorite gifts to give a new baby - a solid mix of heirloom, practical and gorgeous baby items that are sure to be used heavily and played with regularly and very, very well loved. Hope you enjoy, and tell me in the comments if I missed any of your favorite new baby gifts!

1. Wooden rattles. In the spirit of full disclosure, I bought a bunch of rattles that I thought were just super pretty when Noam was born. But these wooden rattles have gotten a ton of use between the grasping and shaking and gnawing phases. I especially love this walnut rattle from Little Sapling Toys and this ring rattle from Bitte Shop

2. Baby bonnets and caps. I had absolutely no idea how much I'd love baby bonnets before having a baby. But lo and behold, we've amassed a veritable stockpile of them. What's not to love? They keep babies heads warm, squish their cheeks a little and assist in keeping a toddler looking like the baby you've watched grow too quickly. My favorites are from Briar, Red Creek Kids, Rain People and Little Pine Outfitters

3. Books. It may seem slightly ahead of the game to buy a brand new baby books, but I don't think it's ever too early to read to children. In those first few weeks and months, while Noam nursed and napped and nursed and napped, I would read aloud any article or book I had at hand. I love the personalized line by I See Me (our favorite is M is for Me).

4. Personalized milestone cards. These milestone cards appropriately called "Fantastic Firsts" by Lost My Name are insanely cute, cover pretty much ever milestone for the first year of life and are personalized, and I think they're the absolute perfect gift to help every new mom keep track of those milestones (the back of each has a space for you to write the details down, which is genius) and store them in a baby book (which, by the way, is another awesome gift - my favorite is from Mushy Books). 

5. Gathre mat. These bonded leather mats are the most stylish all-purpose baby mats that exist. I love the micro to use as a changing pad and the midi or maxi for park days. And the new spring colors are seriously beautiful. 

6. Teether lovie. When gifting to a baby, I believe this rule to be true: no teether will ever go unused or un-drooled on. Noam has his favorite teethers, sure, but offer him something designed to be put into his mouth, and in his mouth it will go. This teether/blankie combo from Willaby Clothier is on the pricier side, but it's just such a beautiful heirloom (and 2 for the price of 1)!

7. Toy storage bin. Often overlooked but desperately needed, in my opinion, toy storage bins are my new go-to for gift organization (used in place of a gift bag). My favorite are from Pehr Designs, and I especially love the grey pom style

8. Personalized puzzle. This wood name puzzle from Smiling Toy Trees be one of my favorite gifts I found for Noam. It has an heirloom quality to it, which makes me feel like it'll be passed down from one generation to the next, and it's just as beautiful as it is functional and fun in teaching Noam his name.

9. Bibs. Possibly the most practical of the bunch, I used bibs constantly and still do regularly for Noam's super drooly teething spells. My favorite newborn bibs are the super soft bamboo terry cloth multi-use bibs from Numpfer and my favorite bandana bib for babies and toddlers are the gorgeous ones from Ollie and Tate (I especially love the linen line). 

10. Plushies. Okay, hear me out. These may not be forgotten gifts - in fact, everyone may show up to the baby shower with some version of a stuffed animal - but buying a good plushy or other soft toy makes a big difference. I love these sweet puppets and other plushies made by Ouistitine from Bitte Shop because they're handcrafted from upcycled sweaters and, frankly, really cute.