Love-ly Books (Part 1)

Yesterday, I shared a gift guide of Valentine's Day gifts for the littles and promised to share a collection of books that are appropriate for the holiday as well. 

Noam loves books more than anything else - if you enter our house, you will immediately be greeted by him with a smile and a 'buh' as he points toward his basket of books in the living room and motions for you to join him to read. I'm perpetually building his library, and I've been making sure to include seasonal books, as well. Season- and holiday-specific books are a great way to educate and celebrate, and pulling them out for a certain period of time once a year freshens up the library (and ensures they don't get stale and lose their excitement). 

While Valentine's Day isn't a big holiday, of course, its message (about love - not cynical the Hallmark consumerism message) is worth emphasizing, especially given the current state of affairs in this country and around the world. 

So, without further ado, here's the first of a few round-ups of some of my favorite love-centric books. (And a bonus is that they're all available on Amazon, so they'd make great Valentine's Day gifts for the kids in your life!)