Noam's 18 Month Update

I decided back when Noam turned 15 months that I'd continue doing these updates every 3 months rather than monthly from now on. I still haven't decided if I like the idea or not. Part of me was having trouble keeping up, but since I've been terrible in documenting a lot of his milestones elsewhere, I feel like I need to continue doing it here. 

Anyway, I'll see where next month takes me. But for now, Noam turned 18 months old on January 20th. One and a half! Holy shit (is the first thing that comes to my mind)!


Basic Stats

We went to the pediatrician for Noam's 18-month well visit and learned that he weighs 25lbs. 8 oz. (50th percentile), is 34" tall (50-75th percentile) and has a head circumference of 47cm. (25th percentile). He's wearing mostly 18-24m clothing (I'm finding that clothing is fitting for longer periods of time now, which is definitely nice and means he won't be outgrowing clothing before he has a chance to wear it) and some smaller 2T clothing. He's got his front 8 teeth and his first 4 molars are almost completely in. His hair, which is beautiful and 'growing in nicely,' continues to strangely be a topic of conversation among family, friends and strangers alike. 


Ah, the struggle of feeding a toddler is real. (I'll take book, blog and relaxation recommendations, please!) Noam definitely has his favorite foods, which may or may not change based on the placement of the moon and stars and weeds growing in the cracks in the sidewalks outside. His current faves are strawberries, yogurt, cheese slices (but not currently sticks - those are so last month), turkey slices, 'cookies' (which are basically anything crispy - mom win!), bananas, smoothies (with strategically blended in spinach and kale), black beans, plain hummus (but don't you dare offer another variety please and thank you), and French croissants (don't give him