Top Baby Teethers

As most first-time-moms quickly learn, there are so many surprises that come - and continue to come - during the first year+ of life with a baby. Breastfeeding? Sleeping? Eating? Pooping? File these under 'Things That Were Vastly Different From What I Expected.' 

And another thing to include? Teething. Nobody told me that for almost the first two years of a baby's life they'll be teething. It's true, some babies don't have as many 'symptoms' - they simply grow teeth, maybe they fuss here and there. But most moms I've spoken to have babes that have a really tough time. They're irritable and sad and in pain, and it's really tough to watch them go through it. 

Noam's started teething around 3ish months, which is pretty early, and popped his first teeth around 5ish months. It seems like he's always teething and the next teeth are always right around the corner (he's now 14 months and has 8 teeth and a few more on the way). 

So over the past year or so, we've tried a lot of teethers to make him more comfortable and give him something to gnaw on. As with everything else, each baby is so different, so what works really well for Noam may not work for another babe. I've compiled a list of our favorite teethers and favorite teethers of other moms and babies I know (and separated them out by style with some of our MVPs right below) so hopefully this helps teething babes and their mamas out.