Noam's 14 Month Update

Today, Noam turns 14 months old. I feel like ever since he started walking - toddling - he's become a real toddler. And now the question that I've been asking myself for months, 'Where has my baby gone?' feels heavier now than it ever has before. Some days and weeks are long. I feel like I've known Noam for years. I feel connected on a level deeper than I've ever known. Other days and weeks and months are short. Wasn't he just a newborn? Wasn't he just living inside me

I'm typing this as Noam plays around the corner at the 1-hour drop-off class he just started attending. It's his first time away from me - with other kids - and I feel a little sad but surprisingly relieved to be able to do this and excited for him to interact more independently with others his age. My point in saying this is: it feels like things are changing so quickly and so drastically sometimes, but they're changing in a really beautiful way (mostly).

Anyway, here's how Noam's doing this month!

Basic Stats

Noam weighs about 24 pounds and is around 31" tall (we'll find out at his 15 month check-up his actual stats). He's wearing 18-24m and 2T clothing, size 5 shoe and size 5 diapers. He's got 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth, hazel/brown eyes and exactly my color hair. 


Noam nurses about 6 times a day and a couple of times overnight (though this can vary a lot) and is eating more and more solids every day - we typically do two or three 'meals' a day plus snacks throughout the day. His favorite foods are yogurt and smoothies, berries of all kinds, eggs, peas, turkey, cheese, hummus and bread, and he absolutely insists on feeding himself everything. I've been giving him a spoon and fork with some meals, and he's been doing a really great job of using them somewhat properly. He even asks for more when he's finished with what's on his spoon! 


Right around his first birthday, Noam dropped down to one nap. I thought, initially, that it was because we were traveling, but he's been consistently taking one nap for a few months now. It's typically around 2 hours in the early afternoon. Noam usually goes to sleep around 8pm and wakes around 7:30am, and he's slept through the night a few more times, but usually wakes a couple of times a night to nurse. 

Activity & Development

Noam's doing so much - there's really something new every day - but here are some (err.. a lot of) highlights: he started walking consistently (!) while we were in Spain a few weeks ago; he signs for 'more,' 'milk,' 'open,' 'all done,' and 'eat'; he loves to sign 'open' to ask me to open the windows in the morning, and it makes him so happy when I do; he asks for help when he needs help with something; he talks constantly and is starting to say more complex 'words' and 'sentences'; he developed some major separation anxiety from me right around the time he started walking (which I hope will pass quickly because it's so sad to see); he asks to take a bath (and any large-ish body of water or sprinkler-type fixture is a bath); he is starting to enjoy books and will pull out a book and sit down and 'read' it on his own (and he even will sit still now while I read to him); he absolutely loves dogs - he can spot them from a mile away - and is starting to get the hang of this whole 'be gentle' thing; and finally, he knows his name (!) and will point to himself if you ask him where the baby is or where Noam is!

Aside from his new skills and developments, Noam has now been on 10 flights in his lifetime (with another 4 coming up next month!) and has been an incredible traveler so far! (I'll be publishing a few posts on our recent trips soon but here are a couple of photos from Spain below.)


Noam has always been curious and inquisitive and incredibly aware of what is around him, and it's just becoming more and more clear that that's a huge part of his personality. He loves opening and exploring and emptying containers and discovering new objects, sounds and places. He's extremely energetic and almost always happy and excited. He loves listening and dancing to music and will 'sing' along to music he likes (like the blender - he loves that song). He can be really silly and knows it, and he loves to make funny faces and noises when he knows he has an audience. He still loves getting attention from strangers (as long as I'm near) and will blow kisses and give high-fives if you ask nicely. He definitely does not like to be told 'no' and gets really upset when he's startled - even if it's just when someone says his name - so sometimes it can be tricky (and exhausting) to get him to do something (like stay still in his high chair or get into his stroller). But every new stage and age has been the best one yet, and I'm so excited for this stage to continue because it's been really incredible and fun so far.