Apple Picking

About a week ago, inspired by all of the delicious apple recipes and even more delicious baby-in-apple-orchard photos flooding my IG world and motivated by the fact that last year we went apple picking far too late in the season (did you know apple picking season is August and September and not October?), I told Jason we needed to head out to the country for some good old fashioned apple picking fun. 

I did my research and found the most perfect farm about an hour away from us, so we packed up the car and made our way to it. My in-laws also joined us (they were great sports for having just gotten back from Europe the night before), and it was a really nice family day. 

The farm was so incredibly ideal for us and, especially, for Noam. It had a market with crafts and baked goods, a huge area of fruit-bearing trees and bushes (you could pick apples, raspberries, blackberries and peaches while we were there), a large pumpkin patch, a gorgeous field of sunflowers to pick, as well as farm animals, music and even wine tasting for the big kids. 

We took a hayride out to the orchards (Noam's first!) and he seemed to really enjoy the bumpy ride. I'm so glad we were able to go this year and that Noam enjoyed it as much as he did - I feel like he was such a good age for it. Last year, he was just about 3 months old when we went (and slept through the whole thing), so this was really his first time participating in it. 

And boy, did he participate. He especially loved picking fruit off the bushes and eating it. I've given him raspberries before, but he'd never devoured them as quickly or as delightfully as he had when they were straight off the stem. 


My friend, Steph, said it best when I shared some of the below photos: Noam's face says it all - he's in heaven. And, you know what? So was I. 

I feel so grateful that we live in such an incredible place and so close to so much beauty and life. I often take for granted what New Jersey or Pennsylvania or even New York has to offer, since I've spent almost my entire life living in these three states. But having Noam and seeing the world through his eyes has made me realize just how spectacular, how magical and how awe-inspiring this space - our little corner of the world - can be.