Noam's 13 Month Update

Different month, very similar feeling. The 'I can't believe it's already been a month since I last wrote an update' feeling is rearing it's head yet again. 

Noam turned 13 months on Saturday - I guess I could say he's a year - but keeping track of and mentioning the months seems important somehow. Like, each month means so much right now. And if I didn't account for it then I'd somehow be ignoring that fact. First child issues, I suppose. 


Anyway, here's how Noam is doing this month!

Basic Stats

It's funny how rapidly babies grow in the first year. So much so that, even though he's continuing to grow at a relatively rapid pace, relative to the first year, he's slowed down a lot. I'm not sure how tall he is because he wouldn't stand still long enough for me to measure, I'm sure, but he's about 25 pounds. He's in size 4 or 5 diapers! And 18-24 month clothing! (I'm currently doing a closet purge of the clothing he's outgrown, if you want to check out what I'm selling over on instagram.) His eyes are a deep blue/grey with flecks of brown and I kind of hope they stay this way because they are just gorgeous. But either way, we'll find out eventually what his eye color will be. And his hair color is my exact hair color, and I just love it so much in part because I think it's a nice hair color (I'm always asked if I dye my hair or if it's natural) and in part because I think it's so cool that he has something that's so precisely from me (and where did I get it from? I don't know.). 


I'm continuing to breastfeed Noam, and he nurses about 6 times a day. He nurses overnight a few times, too. I offer him meals or snacks throughout the day, which he sometimes happily enjoys and other times vehemently opposes. The foods he's enjoying most right now are yogurt and yogurt drops, cheese, peas, strawberries, turkey, watermelon and mango. We hadn't really offered him meat until recently, when Jason offered him some sliced turkey breast. And since then, he just goes crazy for it whenever Jason has some. I was hesitant to offer him deli meat, but I make sure it's low sodium, preservative-free and as natural as possible. 


Noam surprisingly went from 3 naps a day to 1 in a very short period of time. I've read that babies typically drop to 1 nap somewhere between 12 and 18 months, so this is relatively early for him to be doing. I thought, initially, that his naps were a little messy due to our travel last month to California around his first birthday. But he's been consistently taking one nap now for the past month, so it would appear he's actually, officially down to just one nap a day. It's simultaneously nerve-wracking and a little relieving to me, but so far it's been going well and he seems to be doing great with it. The one nap is, however, much longer than his previous naps. It typically ranges from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours, though it's been as long as 3 hours! I still hold Noam for most of his naps, though once in a while I'll put him down in bed and take photos of him (I mean fold laundry). 

Activity & Development

I never really know where to begin here. So much happens from month to month and Noam seems to be constantly changing and growing, that it's tough to document it all. It often feels like the moment I write something down, it no longer is accurate. But here goes: this past month, Noam started taking unassisted steps and standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. He still gets nervous when he's on his own and sits down, but he's becoming more and more brave in his walking every day. He loves to push his wooden walker around and stand at his kitchen to play. His favorite you right now is probably his play kitchen and all of the play food and pots and pans in it. 

Noam received a small piano for his birthday from his grandma and grandpop, and he absolutely loves to play it. He also loves playing our piano and any other musical instruments he can find. 

Hes becoming really interested in puzzles and stacking toys, and it's really fun to watch him discover new ways to interact with his toys.  

He recently started blowing kisses and giving bit wet slobbery kisses that sometimes are just face licks, and they're so incredibly sweet. We're still waiting on hugs. And he loves giving high fives on demand!

Noam's very talkative and says 'mama,' 'dada,' 'dah' (dog), 'bah' (ball and balloon), 'hi,' 'bye,' and a lot of other things we haven't yet deciphered. He also waves hello and goodbye and signs for milk, more, all done, and is starting to sign for eat. I'm excited to keep teaching him signs and for him to talk more and more! 

He also loves climbing the stairs (up and down) and climbing on and into everything he can find. He's constantly on the move and very rarely sits in one place for more than a few seconds (which is fun but also exhausting)!  


Noam is such a happy, funny, fun baby, and it just keeps getting better and better. He loves to be tickled and play peekaboo, he loves chasing and being chased, and he really loves attention - especially from strangers. He's such a flirt and a comedian, and it's really sweet to see his facial expressions when he knows he's doing something funny or when someone is trying to get his attention. He plays bashful when he wants to, and it melts my heart. 

Noam loves to snuggle and cuddle and loves to be close, but is incredibly independent when he wants to be. He's persistent and adventurous and perpetually curious, and I hope he never loses that. I'm also starting to see signs of his awareness when he knows he's doing something he shouldn't be (like eating paper) and it's hysterical and takes everything in me not to laugh out loud (though I often do).

He has a lot of 'attachment objects' and has a new one every night while he's going to sleep. Last night, it was his water cup. The night before, it was a wooden spoon. It's always fun and sweet to see which object he'll grasp tightly as he falls asleep.  

He's just the biggest sweetheart, and I'm really proud of who he is becoming every single day.