Friday Favorites: Once Upon a Farm

Back when we first introduced Noam to solids after he turned 6 months old, I wrote a post on all of the solid food feeding tools and tips I'd discovered. We started with traditional weaning because I just couldn't figured out how to do baby-led weaning and maintain my sanity. I read everything I could about it, but when it came time to give Noam pieces of food right off the bat, I choked (pun kind of intended). 

So we started with what I'd called mashed food rather than purées. And this lasted for about a week. It became immediately evident that Noam was not at all interested in purées and wanted to self-feed. So we moved on to finger foods that he could grasp and feed himself, though he didn't

Anyway, where am I going with this? Noam's now been eating finger foods for a while, but it can be tough to make sure he's getting all of the nutrients (mostly veggies) that I'd like him to get. So, in an unexpected (to me) turn of events, we've gone back to purées. Not exclusively, of course. But I've found a tremendous amount of convenience and relief in pouches. Convenience because I just throw a ChooMee (literal life saver because I'd go crazy without them) on top and Noam can eat it wherever he wants, whenever he wants. And relief because I know he's getting nutrient-rich foods that he might not otherwise eat regularly (like coconuts, quinoa and kale). 

Enter: Once Upon a Farm. I recently discovered them and knew I needed to try them out. We've tried a bunch of different pouches, and Noam did okay with some, not great with others. So I was eager to give another pouch a shot. But the thing is, Once Upon a Farm isn't just another pouch. They use High Pressure Processing to protect the integrity of the food. Put simpler: they don't overheat or boil the nutrients away. They source their ingredients mainly from local organic farms in the US (80% within California alone!). And each recipe is formulated, tested and approved by an infant nutritionist and pediatrician. 


The best part about Once Upon a Farm, though, is that Noam actually loves the pouches. Up until we tried these, he'd never finished a single pouch in one sitting! Wild Rumpus Avocado? Finished! The Fairest of Pears? Completely gone! Those were probably his two absolute favorites, but he's loved all of them (we've tried every one except for the Chocolate Ever After, which I'll give him soon and see what he thinks - I'm sure he'll love it!). 

Noam's wearing the  CarlyMegan   vernal jumpsuit .

Noam's wearing the CarlyMegan vernal jumpsuit.

I can't recommend these pouches enough. If your baby is just trying solids for the first time or your rambunctious toddler enjoys a pouch on-the-go, do yourself (and, most importantly, your babe) a favor and try these! You can order online (they'll arrive on your doorstep in a cooler) or find a store near you that sells them.

Bin:  Pehr Designs , Name puzzle:  Smiling Tree Toys , Duck push toy:  Bannor Toys , Farm soft toy:  Fisher-Price Classics

Bin: Pehr Designs, Name puzzle: Smiling Tree Toys, Duck push toy: Bannor Toys, Farm soft toy: Fisher-Price Classics

Noam is wearing the  Rylee and Cru licorice romper . 

Noam is wearing the Rylee and Cru licorice romper