Noam's 1 Year Update

Noam turned one last Wednesday, July 20th. One whole, entire, long (extra long because of the leap year) year. It's really this otherworldly type feeling to watch and participate in the passage of time while raising a tiny human. Never has time seemed so important. But then again, never has time seemed so unimportant. Similarly, never has time seemed so visible and invisible at the same time. 


In some ways, I feel a victim of time. It's pushed us around and done whatever it's wanted to do despite my ardent protests. In other ways, I feel like its biggest supporter. It's allowed me to participate and grow. It's been one of my greatest teachers. It's shown me a world with Noam that I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined. 


On his birthday, we celebrated by going to a splash park, trying banana gelato for the first time and eating dinner with Grandma and Grandpop. Yesterday, we celebrated Noam on a larger scale. We had our closest family and friends over for a basement/backyard Moonrise Kingdom-themed party. I can't wait to share photos and details from the party later but for now, I'll say this: it was one of the most perfect days I've ever had. 


But for now: here's how Noam is doing now that he is 1 year old!

Basic Stats

Noam went in for his 1-year well checkup and we found that he's 31.5" long and 23 pounds 6 ounces. He's super long (98th percentile) and solid, just like.. well, no one in our family. He's got my exact hair color, which I absolutely love. And still has dark blue eyes with some brown in them. We'll see if they turn completely brown soon, I suppose! He's got 6 teeth in total now - 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom - and more on the way I think. 


I'm really, really proud that I have nursed Noam a full year and there is no end in sight. I don't really count or keep track of how many times Noam nurses in a day - he nurses on-demand - but it's somewhere between 6-8x/day and then anywhere from 1-3 times overnight. Milk is definitely his favorite food still, and I've noticed he even will ask to nurse immediately following solids (so all of my fears of starting solids and his wanting to not nurse were for naught). Anyway, some of Noam's favorite solid foods are yogurt (we love Stonyfield whole milk yogurt pouches because he can feed himself without the mess), eggs, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, bread, cheese and peas. He loves to feed himself - he insists on it - and often times will eat more if he's sitting on the floor instead of his high chair. I'll also give him a pouch once in a while - I like HappyFamily and PlumOrganics - with a ChooMee on top. 


In the past few weeks, Noam has been taking one nap more regularly. I think it's early for him to drop his second nap, so I'm blaming it on all that's going on - jet lag and busy days - and hoping he goes back to two reliable naps a day. But otherwise, he's sleeping about the same, which is good. He stirs (I hesitate to say wake because I don't think he actually wakes up) a few times a night to nurse but otherwise sleeps from about 8:30/9pm - 7:30/8am. 

Activity & Development

It's remarkable how much he changes in just a week or month. Heck, it's remarkable how much he changes in just the blink of an eye sometimes (I swear!). Noam waves hello and goodbye, gives high-fives, is constantly laughing and smiling and giggling, babbles all day long, is obsessed with climbing the stairs (up and down!), and can say 'mama,' 'dada,' 'dah' (dog), 'bah' (ball and balloon), 'nuh' (milk). He's got a ton of energy - so much so that even people who are around kids all day will remark on how much energy he's got - and is always keeping me on my toes with the new things he picks up quickly. Every time he sees a dog or balloon on the street, he points and shouts what it is. He must not get his eye site from us because the kid can see a dog coming from a block away! 

Noam cruises everywhere and will walk pretty well while we hold one or two of his hands. I think he's super close to walking, which is exciting and a little nerve-wracking. He's always surprising me with the activities he enjoys - like taking things out of boxes and placing them back in - and his understanding of language - when I tell him it's time to clean up, he (sometimes) puts things away or when I say 'up' he puts his arms up for me to pick him up. 


Watching Noam's personality develop may be one of the highlights of motherhood for me. Every day, I feel like I'm getting to know more and more about how this little human's brain works - about how he thinks and feels and understands and loves - and it is the most beautiful thing to witness. Noam is so incredibly sweet and loving - he will often head butt me or a friend to say, I think, 'I love you,' or grab me and pull me close to him. I think physical touch is his love language. And he loves being around people and receiving attention from strangers and friends alike - he definitely has qualities of an extrovert. 

He so expressive - he has the most sweetest facial expressions that we've realized he's had since birth - and will not hesitate to let you know how he feels - whether it's happy or upset or excited or frustrated. 

I'd say I can't wait to see how he continues to develop but the truth is, I love this stage so much and honestly wish I were able to press pause - or at least slow-mo - on it for a little. 

And finally, I had this beautiful chalkboard poster by 3 Little Birds Prints made for Noam's birthday party, so I figured I'd share it here. I love how it turned out!