Noam's 11 Month Update

Well, here we are again. Noam is 11 months old! You know what that means. I'm tearing up looking at itty bitty baby photos and in countdown mode to his first birthday and accompanying birthday party. I really can't believe it's almost here, and I'm working on slowing down each day to stretch out the month leading up to it. Because, like many things in life (and every single birthday), it happens only once and it happens very quickly. It creeps closer and closer to you and almost taunts you, and then it sneaks up on you and if you even so much as sneeze, you'll miss it. I don't want to blink and miss it. 

Anyway, I missed last month's 10 month update, so here's how Noam's been doing these past two months.

Basic Stats

Noam's around 24 pounds and super tall for his age (though I'm not sure exactly how tall he is - we'll find out when we take him in for his one-year checkup next month). He's got my hair color - a medium brown with a hint of strawberry to it - and dark blue/steel gray eyes with flecks of brown in them. We're still waiting to see what color his eyes will eventually be. He's got 2 teeth on the bottom and 4 teeth on top (the fourth is making its way through right now). 


Noam's favorite meal is milk straight from the tap, but he enjoys eating solids sometimes. He loves to feed himself - in fact he insists on it most of the time. His favorite foods are yogurt, bread and muffins, eggs, peas, strawberries, and a pouch here or there. He strongly prefers finger foods though, and has surprisingly gone for the veggies first (carrots and broccoli!) during many meals. He's also gotten the hang of drinking water out of his straw cup and loves to drink water throughout the day.


We bedshare and have side-carred the crib, so we now have a bit more room in bed for Noam, who likes to stretch his super long limbs out at night. Noam is starting to sleep better and better throughout the night. I think we turned a corner last month and he started sleeping longer during his first stretch and waking fewer times throughout the rest of the night. His naps are a little all over the place lately, but he's down to two a day that last about an hour each (though sometimes his naps can be as long as 3 hours (!) and as short as 30 minutes (!)). Of course, all of this gets turned upside down whenever he's going through something - a leap or spurt or teething or being sick - so we take it day by day. 

Activity & Development

Noam has been regularly shocking me with how much he's developing and changing. I really don't even know where to begin. He started pulling himself up and cruising last month and continues to do that more and more each day. He loves to 'dance' and 'sing' and clap his hands when he hears music and enjoys playing music himself - he loves to drum and hit things together and bang on the piano keys. Whenever he sees a dog he says 'dah!' and points to it, and it's amazing to see him recognize something that he loves and get excited about it. Just yesterday he began to say 'hi' and wave when he's saying hello to someone. He even does it at the phone when I tell him grandma is on the phone!

He's incredibly curious and energetic and loves to explore what's going on around him. Last month, he really enjoyed taking things out of the baskets and bins around his room. But as of a few weeks ago, he's begun to both take things out and put things away, which is really fun to watch and can be (at times) very helpful! I'm working on 'clean up' and 'all done' with him so we can communicate when we're finished eating or playing. He's also begun to use his toys in more advanced ways and will now actively stack and unstack toys, sometimes use the shape sorter properly and occasionally not eat the book he's 'reading.'

He's talking more and more every day and his favorite words are 'dah,' 'bah,' and 'dada' but he gives a good 'mama' still when he's a little more upset. He's also begun to say 'nuh' which means he's hungry and wants milk. I'm working with him on learning to sign - so far we're learning 'more,' 'milk,' 'all done,' and 'eat.' He's begun to do 'all done' once in a while, but I think he's beginning to understand the other signs more and more. 



Noam's still such a happy, spunky, bubbly baby. He always seems to know what he wants and isn't afraid to go for it as he crawls a mile a minute toward it. He can be very excitable and social, but often will be a little more reserved when he's somewhere new or with someone new as he observes what's going on around him. I love that he's sort of cautious before letting loose, and I think he gets that from me. He is so sensitive, too, and a concerned look will wash over his face if he hears a baby near him cry, which is just the sweetest thing to witness. He loves to laugh and be tickled and play peek-a-boo with us (or himself sometimes) and his favorite non-toys to play with are our shoes, toilet paper and whatever is in the kitchen pantry. Noam thinks it's hilarious when we sing and dance for him, say 'no,' or chase him. And he's become a lot more gentle with the dogs and now his interactions with him are much more like petting and much less like torture.