Parasol Co. Diapers

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I love a good diaper. Oh, the things that excite me as a mom these days.

You probably also know that I hybrid cloth diaper part-time (during the day while we're local), but I use disposables overnight and if we're traveling (and sometimes if I'm way behind on laundry - whoops). So, while I love my Grovia Hybrids, I'm always looking for the best disposable to use for all those other times.

I recently discovered Parasol Co., a company aiming to redefine what comfortable diapers are for babies. But there are so many diaper companies out there, you might think. And it's true, at first I thought the same. Why should we pay attention to yet another? 

I'll admit Parasol's diapers caught my eye initially because they're so pretty. Like seriously beautiful. But it's really what's on the inside that counts. They're made with only the safest, most sustainable ingredients, designed to be super soft and thin, and help reduce the footprint your baby's diapers have on the world. I was intrigued. 

I had to take them for a test drive to see if they really lived up to the pretty, pretty hype. And so I did

After a few weeks of test-driving, I'm happy to report: I'm a Parasol convert. I've tried a lot of disposables over the past few months, and Parasol dominates in every category I care about: comfort, fit, absorbency and design.

Out of every diaper I've tried, Parasol was by far the softest and fit the best on Noam. A Parasol diaper is cloth-like, not bulky at all and doesn't sag. It absorbs just as well as any other that I've tried and doesn't leak despite how much Noam moves because it fits so well around his belly and legs. 

Finally, I was really pleasantly surprised with their wipes. They're soft but super strong and thick, and Jason even commented on how nice they smell (which says a lot). They're made with aloe and cucumber, so they smell and feel super fresh for Noam. 

While Parasol's diapers aren't inexpensive, they're similarly priced to other premium diaper brands. Subscribing and buying a box filled with a month's worth of diapers and wipes saves you even more, so you end up getting a super premium diaper for just a tiny bit more than most other brands. And they're delivered to your door when you want, which is pretty perfect for busy moms. Also, you can buy a diapers only subscription or diapers and wipes a la carte. Major points for flexibility and choice!

If you're interesting in trying Parasol, sign up and use HOMEHEART for $20 off your first subscription.