Home Reads

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here yet (I've shared it on my Instagram), but we bought a townhouse in Hoboken back in the fall and are in the midst of doing a full gut renovation of it. I'm really excited to give it the love it deserves and turn it into something our family can grow in and enjoy.

We're a couple of months into the project and things are really starting to take shape. (You can follow the progress at #toffrenovation, and I'll be posting updates here soon.)

But while we get closer and closer to the really fun part of the renovation - the part when the spaces and rooms begin to really come together - I keep thinking about all the ways we'll be enjoying our new home once it's time to move in. 

I feel like I'm in a perpetual state of nesting, and I kind of love it. Nest and flourish, as the hashtag goes. 

Anyway, so I recently bought the book The Hands-On Home and absolutely love it. It's a really lovely book with recipes and how-tos for cooking and natural housekeeping and it's all organized by season, which makes it really nice to find seasonally-appropriate things to make and do. 

Inspired by how much I've loved The Hands-On Home already, I rounded up some more books that focus on housekeeping, nesting, decorating, cooking and living a simpler, better, cleaner life. 

Did I miss your favorite homekeeping book? Share it with me in the comments!