The Home and The Heart's Redesign

Welcome to the newly redesigned The Home and The Heart! I'm so excited to finally unveil the new logo and blog design after a couple of months of working on it.

First off, I have to send a huge thanks to Kristie Latham for all of the work she put into designing the logo and building my blog. 

I'm so proud of the results of the rebranding and redesign and thought it'd be fun to walk through the steps we took to get to where The Home and The Heart is today.


Step 1: Blog Identity

I started by sharing with Kristie my vision for what I wanted The Home and The Heart to be, how I wanted it to feel and what I wanted it to say to its readers. 

Step 2: Inspiration Board

After processing what I had shared with her, Kristie developed two inspiration boards based on the key words and phrases I had mentioned: 'playful sophistication,' 'comfortable and warm,' 'clean and fresh.' The route I chose to take was based on this inspiration board.

Step 3: Logo Design

Once I decided on a direction for the brand, logo development started. Kristie shared several logo designs, and I ended up choosing the one I felt reflected my personality and vision best. 

Step 4: Brand Board

Once the initial logo design was decided, it was time to dive deeper into the branding and come up with a full brand board that included alternate logos and marks, a color palette, font details and patterns. During this process, I also decided I wanted to incorporate a watercolor style to the logo, so the initial logo changed a bit as well. 


Step 5: Blog Design and Build

After we had finalized all of the branding elements, the work on the blog had begun. I shared with Kristie the way I wanted the blog to feel and be organized and she took it from there. It was important to me that the design was simple and clean - nothing fussy or cluttered - and that the organization allowed for readers to easily find what interests them most. To do this, we created categories that would each house relevant content on they're respective pages and kept the home page minimal with latest posts and featured content along with an introduction to me. 

Quick Tip: If you still want to read all of the posts in chronological order, just go to

I'm so proud of how the rebranding and redesign turned out - I really hope you love it. 

Please let me know what you think and what you'd like to see on my blog moving forward in the comments!