Noam's Nine Month Update

Basis Stats

Wow! 9 months already. In just a few days, Noam will have been outside as long as he was inside. Now that is unbelievable. We went to Noam's 9 month check-up this morning and found that he weighs 21 lbs 3.5 oz (75th percentile) and measures 30 inches long (98th percentile), so he's super long but still pretty chunky - just how I like 'em. He's still got dark blue eyes with flecks of brown in them and has two bottom teeth, one top tooth and a few more top teeth on their way. 


I nurse Noam on-demand (so Noam ends up nursing about every three hours) and feed him solids once a day or every other day. I'm teaching him 'milky' or 'milkies,' and right now, he understands what the word and sign mean (he shows it by laughing and lunging toward my breasts). I'm excited for when he'll be able to actually use the word or sign to communicate to me that way (though I have to say, I absolutely love the laugh & lunge he's got going on now). He's tried lots of different foods so far including egg, peanut butter and yogurt, and he loves to feed himself. His favorite foods so far have been scrambled eggs, a pear, spinach and kale pouch and my apple banana blueberry oat muffins


Noam usually takes three naps at relatively predictable times throughout the day and sleeps from about 8pm to 7am with a few wake-ups to nurse and be comforted. I'm not sure if I've shared this on my blog yet, but I loved reading this super easy-to-digest article on infant sleep. Let's just say, Noam is going to be a genius and incredibly emotionally stable.


Activity & Development

My father-in-law has said, since Noam was born, that 9 months is his favorite age for a baby. And, after now having a 9-month-old, I totally understand why. He's in such an incredible stage of life, and every day - even more so than at any age before - brings such surprising, delightful, exciting discoveries and adventures.

Noam's been crawling since about 7.5 months and has been pulling himself up onto things more and more every day. He loves to pull himself up and stand wherever he can, and the look of accomplishment on his face when he does is just incredible. He's even begun to cruise (take a few steps while holding onto something) a tiny bit, and climb stares! He also loves to pull everything out of any drawer or cabinet or bin he can get his hands on. He's in such an explorer phase, and I love watching him discover what he can do. 

He's talking more and more every day, too. He says 'dada' and 'mama' and 'baba' most often, but he's experimenting with other sounds and is desperately trying to say 'doggie,' though it usually comes out as 'DAAHH.'  His 'mama' actually comes out most often when he's upset, which is equal parts heartbreaking and adorable. He's begun to say these words on demand, and today he started saying 'baba' when I say 'bye bye.' He also loves to make noises with his mouth and experiments with tongue clicking and blowing raspberries - often times on my arm or stomach. 

Noam loves to clap his hands and make noises with anything he can - which means crawling to and grabbing any bag or box or stick in sight. It's all about cause and effect at this age, so he gets great pleasure out of dropping or hitting whatever's in his hands. 

He absolutely loves his music class and going in the carrier (facing outwards!) and hates getting his diaper changed, though I can distract him sometimes with a tube of face cream long enough to do it without too many tears. 


Watching Noam's personality develop is probably the most rewarding part about being a mom. He's so unbelievably happy and curious and excited about the world around him. He loves independent play here and there as long as he knows daddy or me is nearby. He's playful and energetic and loves to laugh and be tickled. He plays peekaboo and cuddles and cannot get enough of Millie and Riley. 

He gets upset when he watches us (or sometimes, even strangers) leave the room and still gets bored easily, so keeping things changing and moving is still the name of the game. He does not like to be contained in something (unless it's the carrier strapped to one of us) - whether it's in a chair or car seat - and I attribute that to wanting to be near us. He's my "velcro baby," and I love that I can be here for him.