10 Basic Baby Proofing Must-Haves

You may have noticed I've been a bit MIA this week. Noam and I are both (hopefully) getting over a little bit of a cold. But the big news coming out of the Toff household this week is: we officially have a crawler!


That's right. Noam has begun to crawl (I've been crawling for a while now). And while I was convinced it would start out slowly (obviously, right?), he has gone from 0-60 in about 1 day. It's remarkable. But it's also induced a full-on panic in me to get the minimum amount of baby proofing done. (The cord pulling has already begun!)

It's true that the best way to baby proof is to crawl around your house and imagine what trouble you, as a baby, could get into. And it's also true that baby proofing is an on-going process - it never really ends. But you've got to start somewhere, right? And if you're me, you've got to start like, yesterday. 

So I've rounded up a list of the top 10 basic baby proofing must-haves to get us started. Here goes!

1. Outlet covers. I love these from Prince Lionheart because they look nice and require a 'key' to remove them, so I won't have to replace them with more secure ones once Noam gets a little older and can figure these things out. And this outlet protector with a cord shortener is great for outlets that are in use. 

2. Cabinet and drawer locks. I love these magnetic cabinet locks because they're aesthetically appealing (they're super minimal) and they don't require any tools for installation. Since we're currently renting until we move into our new home, it's important that we don't do too much damage to the cabinets and drawers. 

3. Spout Cover. I love this spout cover from 4Moms because it also tells the temperature of the water so Noam's baths are not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

4. Corner Cushions. All of these cushions seem to be eyesores, but I think these from Prince Lionheart are not so terrible.

5. Finger pinch guard. I didn't even consider these when initially thinking about baby proofing, but they're so necessary. It's amazing how little fingers will find their way into the most dangerous of places. These basic white ones from Safety 1st will blend in to my home nicely. 

6. Stove knob covers. These were also something I didn't think about right away. We probably won't need them for a little while but, since we have a gas stove, I'd rather put them on sooner than later. I like these Safety 1st knobs because they're super minimal-looking. 

7. Baby gates. A must-have for every set of stairs, baby gates are the universal symbol for 'I have a baby on the move' and for good reason. I naively thought we could get away with minimal baby gates because I'd just watch Noam. Silly mommy. These fabric gates gates have caught my eye because they're nice-looking but also gentle should Noam decide to run into the gate and the Brica automatic close gate seems like a great option as well. 

8. Safety latches. These multi-purpose safety latches seem like a great option for baby proofing those odds and ends around the home but they also seem great for things like the toilet (I haven't found a toilet lock that looks nice and has positive reviews) and appliances. I plan to keep some of these on-hand for those 'oh, that looks dangerous!' moments. 

9. Door knob covers. I'd really like to have an open-door policy in our home. I view baby proofing as something that should be a complement to common sense - put the unsafe things out of the way and allow the baby space to move around. But there are off-limits spaces - areas that are just not safe enough to be a part of our open space. For example, our linen closet that holds our medicine, cleaning supplies and lots of cords and expensive camera equipment or the door to the backyard. For those doors especially, I plan to put this door knob cover on and not worry about all of the non-baby-friendly things hiding behind them. 

10.  Blinds cord shortener. Last but certainly not least, I've noticed Noam is already attracted to every string and cord he sees. These brilliant blinds cord shorteners will be going on every hanging cord we have in the house. 

Well, that's my list of must-haves for now. I'm sure I'll be revisiting this list regularly and will post an update once I've (or rather Noam has) got some time to test everything out. 

What must-haves am I missing? Help me out in the comments!