Our Indoor Campsite

Winter is not my favorite season. Sure, the snow can be pretty for a few seconds before it turns brown, and it gives way to one of the more beautiful seasons - spring - but other than that, its merits are limited. The cold, unpredictable weather, the bitter winds and short days and the desire to simply hibernate can make the winter feel dull, stale and far too long. 

I try to get outside every day, so I've loaded up our 'schedule' with classes - primarily music - for Noam to enjoy. They're just 45 minutes or an hour long, but it really helps to break up the day and stimulate us. 

But some days it's just too cold to go outside or, even if we do go outside, the winter humdrum sets in when we get home. And, with a baby like Noam - let's call him a high-spirited baby - it's important for him to stay stimulated and engaged while he wants to play.

To do this, I've tried to be very mindful of the 'environments' in our home. These environments are spaces I've created around our home and around his nursery that provide enough of a change between them  to stimulate him as we move through them. 

One of my favorite environments is our indoor campsite. Keep reading for some favorite products I have used to create this space. 


We started with this gorgeous A-frame tent from Such Great Heights. I realize it's a little pricey, but we're pretty useless with DIYs over here. If you're handier than we are, there are plenty of DIY tutorials available. 

Then I added in some camping essentials. Namely: a blanket / play mat - I fell in love with this beautiful heirloom bear blanket from Roxy Marj, an appropriately-themed blanket like this adorable tree swaddle from Modern Burlap (the arrows, tree hugger and geo designs would also look awesome in this setting) and a dimmable lantern, of course. This lantern has become Noam's new favorite object in the room - I think he thinks it's magical.

And it wouldn't be camping without some appropriate camping wear and friends. First, we slap on a bonnet (duh) from Little Pine Outfitters and some warm booties from Robeez.  You could even throw on the very camping-appropriate Evergreen pants and Explore sweatshirt from Rylee and Cru to complete the look. Finally, we invite our friend, Henry the Fox, pack a chocolate chip cookie as a snack and make sure to bring our Willow & Bass camera along so we don't miss any photo opps. 

So what do we do at the campsite? Our favorite activities are reading books and playing music. We've been loving these books lately: I Want My Hat Back, This Is Not My Hat, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole and Rosie Revere, Engineer

Noam absolutely loves this space so far, and I look forward to improving upon it and creating even more spaces for him to enjoy as he ages. What are some of your favorite environments in your home?