Friday Favorites: Little Sapling Toys

It is no secret that Little Sapling Toys is one of my all-time favorite shops to buy things for Noam. I discovered them prior to giving birth and stocked up on its teethers and wooden blocks initially. And now it's been a nearly year-long love affair between us, with my love continuously growing for it.

So I figured it's time I share LST as my Friday Favorite. And instead of (but really in addition to) waxing poetic about my love for LST, I decided to share my picks for littles by age group. 

One of my favorite things about Little Sapling Toys' Kimber and Nick (aside from the fact that they plant a tree for every toy sold and they're some of the nicest, sweetest, most caring people around), is that their toys are so much more than toys. They're beautiful objects, heirlooms, vessels for education and offer lessons in imagination and creative play and development. 

So, without further ado, here are my top picks for each age group (but these by no means need to be limited to the ages I mention - so many of the below objects are great for such a wide age range!). 

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