Under $20 Stocking Stuffers

Another stocking stuffers post?! That's right!

Yesterday I published a post on stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers, but a lot of those stocking stuffers were on the pricey side. Sometimes I can get a little carried away window (and real) shopping, and I don't always share the more reasonably-priced items I know and love. I'm going to do better about offering gift solutions for all budgets, and I'm sorry for not doing this sooner. 

I never want to create gift guides that are unreasonable or excessive or exclude anyone from being able to realistically use them. When I grew up, we found items like nail polish, chapstick, candy, gum, batteries for toys (typically those impulse items you'd find while checking out at Target) inside our stockings. They were a little silly, but always fun to unwrap and discover!

And so, in the spirit of offering up a gift guide that respects all budgets, here's a gift guide of stocking stuffers under $20 (actually, most are under $15, but there's one thing that's $18). And below are some fun $5 or less ideas!

1. Rompers or PJs. Primary just came out with a new zip romper (that comes in both footless and footed) that are well-made, affordable and stylish. I love the idea of using the footed rompers as PJs. They also come in snap versions for the littler babies. 

2. Wooden push cars. These wooden cars from Bannor Toys can be personalized with your babe's name. In my opinion, there's really no sweeter toy than a personalized wooden one.

3. Socks and slippers. These furry Cat & Jack bear slippers are super cute, and these Old Navy bear socks are some of my favorites to stock up on.

4. Mini board books. We especially love Cars Go and Boats Go. This series is one of my favorite and the size (long and thin) will fit perfectly in both stockings and toddler hands. 

5. Winter hat. Noam lived in a hat like this corduroy trapper hat from Old Navy last year, so I might have to get a bigger one for this year. I love that it fits snuggly on his head and is super warm on the inside. 

6. Travel toys. This Fisher-Price DoodlePro Trip (a mini travel version of the well-known and well-loved magna-doodler) is amazing and perfect for the stroller or car! I love that it has a handle to be carried around, too. 

7. Arts and crafts supplies. I'm so excited that Noam is approaching/reaching the age of arts and crafts. While this Melissa & Doug wooden paper roll dispenser may not exactly fit in the stocking, the paper probably will and the arts and crafts supplies (like these stickers, crayons, stamps!) to accompany it definitely will. How much fun will it be to watch as your toddler creates something with this simple gift!

8. Rattles. I used to think baby rattles were for ... babies, but they're great for energetic toddlers who love to make noise. These hand-knitted donut rattles are adorable and will become heirlooms long after the toddler years are over. 

9. Food! Maybe my favorite idea for stocking stuffers, fun snacks and treats are perfect to wrap up and stuff in the stocking. These HappyTot cookies are seriously delicious (I eat them more often than Noam does) and a nice (pretty healthy for a cookie) snack that can double as part of Christmas morning breakfast. 

And since some of the most fun stocking stuffers are the least expensive, here are a few ideas less than $5: 

1. Snack cup. Bonus if you fill it with something fun like marshmallows!

2. Chalk or crayons or markers.

3. Melissa & Doug Water Wow books. These are awesome because no mess (!) and they can be reused again and again.

4. Toddler utensils like this Skip Hop spoon & fork set.

5. Bath toys. These Munchkin stacking boats are great!

6. Pajamas. Usually they're well over $5, but Old Navy has a bunch on sale for $7 (and you can use discount codes to get them for less)! I love these and these.