Holiday Gifts for Babies & Toddlers: Stocking Stuffers

Well, I told you that I'd be starting to post again soon (this past month just completely escaped me!) and that I'd have a gift guide for you, and here it is! I'll be following this post up with more gift guides as soon as I can, but I figured I'd start with stocking stuffers. (Disclaimer: I grew up celebrating Christmas, my husband grew up Jewish, and we decided we're raising Noam Jewish. That means no stockings in our home (we'll celebrate Hanukah here), but there will be stockings at Grandma's where we'll celebrate Christmas.)

This year, I'm trying to strike the perfect balance between necessities and fun stuff (though I'm a firm believer that toys are necessities) and not go too crazy buying all the toys. So in that spirit, these stocking stuffers are a little more pragmatic (while also being awesome and super adorable and probably arriving in boxes your babies and toddlers will thoroughly enjoy). 

Stay tuned for the next gift guide coming as soon as I can get to it. And tell me in the comments: what are you putting in your stockings this year?

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 9.47.26 AM.png

1. A lovie. I'm obsessed with this polar bear lovie from Bitte and so is Noam (which is probably what matters most, I guess). It's so soft and sweet and is sure to be an immediate favorite. (It also comes in a few other styles.)

2. A changing blanket. Okay, this isn't exactly for the babies & toddlers, but I'm not sure they'll notice. Changing a toddler's diaper is much like wrestling an angry octopus, so more often than not it happens on the floor. I love this Ferm Living changing blanket for making that floor change a little extra comfy.

3. Shoes! Super pragmatic but also adorable, stuff some shoes in the stockings and call it a win-win. Noam wears the Grip'n'Go style from Pediped every day (our favorites are the Jake) and I couldn't love them more. 

4. A toothbrush. I recently started making sure Noam brushes his teeth every day and absolutely love the Issa Mikro toothbrush, which is a gentle, pulsating brush with silicone bristles. It's pricey, but Noam absolutely loves using it and I love that. 

5. Bath products. I couldn't resist grabbing this Tubby Todd bubble bath to gift to Noam this year. It smells like vanilla and gingerbread (so maybe it's more for me), and I can't wait for him to enjoy his baths with it.

6. Push toys. Toddlers love pushing things around. It's a fact. And these Manny & Simon mini vehicles are the perfect size and shape for them to grab and play with anywhere. We have a bunch of Manny & Simon toys throughout the house, and I absolutely love how beautiful they look and safe they are for Noam. 

7. Plates, bowls and utensils. Another super practical gift (that often doubles as a toy). I recently discovered Bonnsu and am excited to try out their bamboo fiber dishes and utensils. I'm going to start out with this small bowl travel set

8. A hairbrush. Okay, Noam loves to brush his hair (which is both adorable and helpful), so this actually is a fun gift for him! I love this wooden hairbrush by Ama Sports (it doesn't shed!!). 

9. A bonnet. Winter weather calls for lots of layers and hats, so this will most certainly be put to use. I love bonnets because they are so adorable, make my toddler look like a baby again and can be tied to stay on (that hat struggle is real). This flannel bonnet by Brave Bonnets is making my winter bonnet baby dreams come true.