Autumn-Inspired Books

Growing up, my mom always decorated - like full-on decorated - our home for every season and holiday. She carefully and methodically placed wreaths and garlands and tchotchkes throughout our house for any event that was even a little bit celebrated.

It was also such a celebration to decorate our home with things like cling-on leaves in the windows for fall, light-up houses and pinecones in the living room for Christmas and flower garlands above the dining room hutch for Spring. 

In hindsight, the decorations are totally not my style (I don't love tchotchkes - though I do love the word), but the decorations were about so much more than decorating. They were about celebrating. They were about experiencing something new and exciting as often as we could. They were about really living in the moment, and not letting anything that made our days happy pass us by. 

We haven't really decorated for fall this year because we're traveling so much and moving in a few weeks, but I didn't want to let my favorite season pass us by uncelebrated. And since I've been building Noam's library since he was just a tiny creature inside me, I thought it would be nice to update his library and refresh our daily story time repertoire with some autumn-inspired books. 

Here's a round-up of some books that are perfect for this beautiful season. (Click through on each photo to purchase.)