What's In My Bag: Busy Bag

This morning, Noam and I headed off to Jersey City for one of our two monthly La Leche League meetings. We've been going for the past several months, and I always love the sense of community and support it brings to me. And, now that Noam is a bit older, I love the interaction he has with other babies. Noam used to quietly sit, nurse and sleep in my arms during the hour and a half meetings, but those days are long gone. He's now talking, babbling, playing with his toys and socializing with other babies. 

Since he gets easily bored and likes to stay busy, I've gotten pretty good at packing a busy bag for him - a bag full of fun stuff for him that's consolidated enough to fit in my stroller's basket. This bag is separate from our necessities bag, which includes things like diapers, wipes, a change of clothing and bibs. 


Here are the items I like to include to keep Noam engaged, occupied and happy:

 1. Playmat - I love this sherpa blanket from Gap when the surface he'll be on needs a little more padding and this awesome bonded leather mat from Gathre

 2. Teethers - Noam is majorly teething and has his first two bottom teeth almost completely in. He's constantly putting things in his mouth, so I try to make sure we always have a few teethers on hand (lest my finger gets it). His favorite teether is this cookie teether from Little Sapling Toys. And I always keep a Sophie on hand. 

 3. Book - Noam obviously doesn't read yet, but he loves looking at picture books. The Indestructibles are my favorite - they're made to be chewed, ripped and will withstand anything a baby will do to them (genius!). Plus, they're adorable. 

 4. Toys  - I try to choose toys that are multi-purpose. Right now, Noam is enjoying the classic beads from Manhattan Toys (they keep his hands busy, help him with coordination and they're safe for him to teethe on). I also usually include a rattle so he has something that makes fun sounds but isn't totally obnoxious. This wooden rattle is my favorite. 

5. Teething/Nursing Necklace - This is a relatively new discovery for me and has changed our lives. I love the Mama & Little necklaces because they come in beautiful designs and work really well for how Noam uses them.