Independent Baby Brands

When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately began to seek out smaller, more independent brands that I could support while shopping for Noam and myself. I knew exactly the kind of brands I wanted to find - brands that focused on creating stylish baby clothes, unique toys and maybe some innovative new products to make life with baby a little easier - and I was astonished by how many of these brands existed. There is really no shortage of incredible small, medium and large independent businesses out there that cater to the discerning mom and baby - you just have to sift through a lot to find them sometimes.

I'm very excited to have discovered a bunch of brands that tout responsibly-made, beautiful, high-quality products and some of the most stylish clothing and toys I've ever come across, and I look forward to discovering more as Noam grows and I continue spending countless hours shopping online (ahem, researching). 

Here are some of my favorite independent brands for baby that I've discovered so far. Disclosure: I don't actually own products from everyone on this list (I'd have to spend a lot more time shopping online to do that!), so I can't always attest to the quality, etc. of each company. But I do my best to test out what I can (for you, of course) and look forward to picking up a few more things in the upcoming weeks (which I will, of course, report back on). I digress. To conclude: The below companies made my list because I follow these brands and love what I see, I've received recommendations from other, trusted moms or I've seen them in action and think they're a-ok (you know the emoji).