Baby Buys: The Basics

Last month, before Noam was born, I wrote a post highlighting some of my favorite baby brands and buys at that point (with the caveat, of course, that I had no idea if they'd actually be good buys until I could use them with our baby). So I thought, now that Noam is five weeks old and we've had some time to test things out, that I'd revisit this topic and share what's worked for us this past month. For this post, I'm going to focus on the most practical basics (read: necessities that have helped us get through this first month) for this post, but I plan to make this a series and share more fun, interesting and unique buys in future posts. 

There are so many good baby brands and, more specifically, baby items that exist - it's just a matter of sifting through all of the noise to find them. I think I've done a pretty good job sifting and have found some incredibly helpful and nice-to-have items that have been used heavily over the last month. All of these I'd highly recommend - they're perfect gifts or additions to your registry. 

Old Navy onesies and sleepers

Noam's been living in these for the past five weeks. I love them because they are easy to put on and take off, soft yet durable and super inexpensive (so I don't worry about ruining them). 

Honest diapers and Diaper Caddy

During my pregnancy, I made the switch to using almost exclusively Honest products around the house. I had previously been using a lot of safe, non-toxic products from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and, but I love the idea of getting monthly shipments of the products I use the most. And, after using Honest for several months now, I have never been more in love with cleaning products -- they're safe and effective, which makes me feel great about using them.

In addition to cleaning products, I decided to try Honest diapers for Noam, and I'm so glad they've worked out so well. I also use Honest wipes, which have been great for Noam's sensitive skin. Since we live in a three-story townhouse and often spend our time on all of the floors throughout the day, I've set up mini changing-stations on the two lower floors. These changing stations include the Diaper Caddy and a changing pad.

Brica goPad

As I mentioned above, I use a portable changing pad around the house when there isn't an actual changing pad in the room. I also keep a portable changing pad in the car to be used in the car or at our destination. This is my go-to. It's compact but comfy and has all the essential storage compartments you'd need. It even has a roll of diaper bags so that you can dispose of dirty diapers while you're out.

4moms mamaRoo and Infant Tub

I'm a big fan of 4moms products, and the two that we've used the most so far have been the mamaRoo and the infant tub. The mamaRoo is awesome for those times when Noam wants to be rocked or swayed but I need to use my hands for a few minutes (you know, like, to eat). He loves constant contact with me, and I give it to him as much as I possibly can. But when I can't (and when nobody else can), this is super helpful. The tub is also great -- we've been using it ever since Noam's umbilical stump fell off and it's worked really well for us. Bonus: Noam loves the bath!

Restoration Hardware Play Mat

During the day, I like to switch things up for Noam and move from room to room to give him a change of scenery. Sometimes we spend a few hours in his nursery where he eats, does tummy time and pensively stares out the window at the trees blowing in the wind. Then, we may move to the lower floor where I read him a book and then watch TV as he sleeps in my arms. To make sure there's always a comfy place for him to rest or do tummy time, I carry this play mat around. It's so portable (it folds up and has handles), soft and adorable. As he gets older, I'm sure I'll be using this even more (like when we go on trips and go to the park).

Halo Sleep Sack

We initially swaddled Noam at night with Easy Swaddles, but found that he didn't seem to like sleeping in these after a few weeks. He'd gotten into a pretty consistent habit last week of not wanting to go back to sleep in his bassinet after his first nighttime meal (around 3 or 4am). Now we're trying the sleep sack on top of his sleeper and he seems to like this a lot more (read: he's going back to sleep in his bassinet!). I'm also going to try the Miracle Blanket to see if that helps him sleep longer or better, and I'll report back on what I find. 

Little Sapling Toys

While these may not be the most traditional 'necessities,' one thing that's very important to me is documenting Noam's growth. It's incredible to watch him physically and developmentally grow right before our eyes, and I want to make sure that we're capturing it as it happens. To do this, I've been taking a picture at least once a week of Noam next to these blocks. I love how beautiful they are but most importantly, they're safely made so I don't have to worry about Noam (eventually) sticking them in his mouth.