Noam's One Month Update

I swore I wasn't going to be that mom who celebrates every 'milestone' and 'birthday' with a resounding 'wahoo!,' but here I am, with my one-month-old baby in arm, and I don't think I could celebrate it enough.  There's something about seeing a human that you created, carried and delivered experience, discover and do everything for the first time that's so incredibly eye-opening, heart-wrenching and devastatingly beautiful. And things like those just beg to be shared (ideally at the top of your lungs from a mountaintop somewhere).  

Noam is one month old today. Every mom says time flies by with a baby, but the sheer speed of time doesn't really sink in until it's passed. Let's just get this cliche out of the way: I cannot believe it's been a month. No possible way. Frankly, I'm already getting nostalgic. It's a sickness. 

But in any case, it has been a month and an incredible one at that (yes, despite all of the pretty terrible things that come post-delivery that I mentioned in my last post and some I didn't mention like baby blues and mastitis). So I thought I'd share an update on how far Noam's come since birth and how he's doing today.

Basic Stats

As of yesterday at Noam's one month check-up, he weighed 10 lbs. 1 oz. (50-70 percentile) and was 23" long (90-97 percentile). We're not sure whose child he is with that height but we"ll take it. He's still wearing some newborn clothing but he's moved into wearing mostly 0-3 month things. He's also made the switch from newborn to size 1 diapers (we use Honest brand). 


If you couldn't tell by his weight gain, Noam loves to eat (about every 3-4 hours, though in the evenings he's cluster feeding) and is such a good eater. Breastfeeding was difficult initially, but we've really figured each other out over the past few weeks, and Noam is eating more efficiently and happily than ever before. I'll be writing a post about my breastfeeding adventure soon - it's such a complicated experience and one that I think warrants sharing. For now, I can totally relate to this mom's honest feelings about breastfeeding. Jason and I are talking about introducing a bottle soon, so that Jason can feed Noam once in a while and so that we have the option should we need someone else to feed him while we're out. I'm really wrestling with the idea of bottle feeding him because I have fears that he'll wean too early, but I'm working my way through it. 


Oy. This one is touch-and-go. We've had some really great nights during which he's slept 4-5 hour stretches and some great days of 3 hour naps. But we've also had nights during which he's been up every 1.5 - 2 hours and days of no naps. He's still trying to figure out his schedule, so we're being patient. The lack of sleep during the night is really tough, but I know it's just a matter of time before he gets on a more consistent sleep schedule. Until then, I'm trying to enjoy the late nights and early mornings we spend together.

Activity and Development

Noam was born incredibly alert - it was striking how wide awake he seemed even the night he was born. He's maintained and increased that alertness, and it's amazing to see. He's begun to track us with his eyes and vocalize more with regular 'ahs' and 'goos' in response to various things. If I had to describe them, the sounds he makes are typically mix of dolphin, elephant, horse and velociraptor.

Noam seems to have amazing control of his neck and loves to lift his head for pretty extended periods of time to look around the room or at our faces. He's also a major wiggle worm, so that combined with his head movements makes me think he's going to be on-the-move on the early side.

In the parent-favorite milestone category, we recently starting receiving the voluntary smile. It was awesome to smile at Noam and watch him intentionally smile back. He still doesn't do it 100% of the time we ask, but he's working toward it, I'm sure.

Finally, Noam's a big fan of books and some music. We prop books up for him to look at during diaper changes and tummy time, and he gets visibly excited and vocal when he sees them. He really enjoyed my rendition of Third Eye Blind's Jumper a few weeks ago and seems to like Phantom Planet and some classical music. But his favorite is a toss-up between Jason's piano playing (he wrote Noam a lullaby that makes me cry every time I hear it) and a waterfall. That waterfall, though. 


I'm not sure how much of a personality has developed at one month old, but Noam's personality so far is amazing. He's definitely a mama's boy and pretty much insists on being within a few feet of me at all times (which I not-so-secretly love and am trying to enjoy before it inevitably ends) but he loves spending time with his daddy and getting a little goofy and giggly, too. He seems pretty persistent (maybe a precursor to stubborn) and loves to vocalize and move a lot, which I think is awesome, though sometimes that requires bouncing and swaying him for extended periods of time when he doesn't feel like moving himself. And finally, Jason and I both agree that Noam is just a cool baby. He's, for the most part, easy-going and super sweet.