The Nursery

As we count down the days until we meet our son, I still find myself in somewhat disbelief that this pregnancy actually leads to a baby. It's unbelievable and surreal and nearly impossible to wrap my head around. Most days at this point, though, it doesn't take much to recognize what's happening -- I'm reminded by the laundry list of physical symptoms that exist at nearly 39 weeks pregnant. 

One of my favorite things to do as I eagerly (and less than patiently) await his arrival is spend time in the nursery we've created. This room has been a labor of love in the truest sense, and I'm so happy with how it has turned out.

In designing the room over the past 3 months, my focus was on creating a neutral, fresh and calming nursery - one that I would enjoy spending time in just as much as our baby would. And, through the process, I found I gravitated toward an animal theme as I added plush elephant toys, a large plush giraffe and faux elephant heads on the wall. I've always loved animals, but my adoration for elephants knew no bounds during the design of this nursery.