The Beginning

New beginnings - while sometimes daunting - usually make me feel amazing - hopeful, inspired, alive. They're an opportunity to make something from nothing. To make gold from dust. Now that's powerful stuff.

As I gear up for the beginning of something massive, something unlike anything I've experienced before and something that, quite frankly, terrifies me - motherhood - I'm also looking to create new beginnings elsewhere (with all the spare time I'm going to have, of course). I've been particularly interested in creating a space where I can share my thoughts, ideas and favorite things, where I can be creative and where I can be very honest. So here's the beginning of my blog, The Home and The Heart - an appropriate name given that I'll be writing from both and about both. 

This space is one where I plan to write about things that interest me - things like non-fiction books, recipes, natural skincare and small business - but I also plan to go deeper and get really, truly personal. This blog will most likely mirror what's going on in my life - from going on vacation to moving to a new home to growing the baby that currently resides in my body. I look forward to sharing the most beautiful and most challenging, gut-wrenching moments - the ones that keep me alive and the ones that keep me up at night - and opening up my heart on these pixelated pages.

Now, let's begin.

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