Our Wedding

I feel like I'm having a pinch-me moment: our wedding - our completely dreamy wedding that will always bring tears to my eyes when I think of it - is featured on Martha Stewart Weddings today. You can check it out here.

For those who may not know us personally, Jason and I serendipitously met at a grocery store while we were both in high school (in neighboring towns) and kept finding our way back to each other through college, long-distance moves and simply growing up. When Jason and I got engaged (on the Pont des Arts in Paris in September of 2012), the last thing that entered my mind was planning a wedding. Instead, I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to have found my match and that we chose each other forever. While my energy quickly turned to thinking about the wedding we’d have to celebrate our marriage, that initial thought never left my mind and still hasn’t to this day.

At the time that we got engaged, we were living in San Francisco and about to make a move back to the east coast, where we both grew up, to New York. Once we arrived back in New York, the planning was in full effect. We quickly chose The Foundry in Long Island City as our venue; it felt so much like us and the way we wanted our wedding to be - beautiful but not fussy, interesting but not complicated, full of possibilities but not overwhelming. Once the venue was secured, it was pretty remarkable how easily the rest fell into place.

We wanted the mood of our wedding to be romantic but maintain a beautiful simplicity to it. Every vendor we found contributed to this mood and beautifully executed our vision - from our band, who flawlessly played music that was personal and meaningful to us (I walked down the aisle to Sigur Ros and we had our first dance to Ben Folds) to our caterer who crafted some of our favorite foods like mini lobster rolls and grilled cheese in a beautiful but approachable way, to our florist who made the most gorgeously lush arrangements reminiscent of a romantic garden.

More important than our vision for what the wedding would look like, though, was our vision for what the wedding would feel like. It was paramount to us that our wedding was intimate, personal and family-oriented, so Jason’s dad officiated the ceremony (one of the best wedding decisions we made), we placed old family photos on book shelves for guests to look at, we had long rows of tables at dinner so our guests could feel like they were at a family dinner, and we incorporated family traditions and heirlooms into the ceremony like the ketubah and chuppah covering. I even created all of the candle favors as a personal way to thank our guests for being a part of our wedding day.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I think back on the day - which was a complete whirlwind but one that I made sure I was truly able to soak in - and still feel the love that surrounded us the entire time. It was a complete dream of a day - not so much because of the beautiful scenery or flowers or the dress and makeup I put on, but because it was a day filled with the most special people in our lives watching us marry the most important person in our lives.

Below are a few photos of our day (all taken by Fiona Conrad).