Baby Buys

Ever since I found out I was pregnant back in early November, I've been slowly (and then rapidly) buying (or hoarding, depending on who you ask) things for the baby. It started with a few pairs of baby moccasins from Freshly Picked (the gateway drug of baby purchases) and a onesie or two, and then I was hooked. 

I'm no expert, of course, and we'll see once he arrives what buys are actually the best for baby. But for now, I'm excited to share some recent baby buys and favorite companies I've found over the past several months. 

I'm so excited to wrap the baby up in this Solly Baby wrap and wear him around when he's teeny tiny. Two other favorites: this adorable natural wooden teether from Little Sapling Toys (I've also picked up the elephant and hot air balloon styles and look forward to adding to the collection) and a plush giraffe rattle from Janie and Jack.

Another company I've completely fallen in love with is Walnut Animal Society, maker of thoughtfully designed and meticulously hand-crafted animal characters. Henry the Fox made my heart skip a beat, and I look forward to collecting a few more for the baby. 

There are so many clothing brands for babies, it can be overwhelming. And, while there are some really cute things out there, it's a cluttered space filled with, let's say, less than cute things that's time-consuming to wade through. A few brands I've found that consistently create beautiful, simple and somewhat neutral and sophisticated baby clothes are Kissy Kissy, BabyGapRestoration Hardware Baby & Child and Kate Quinn Organics (pictured below). I especially love Kate Quinn's organic fabrics and adorable patterns (this fox pattern!). 

Finally, I'm thrilled that I discovered Mushybooks, creators of modern baby books. After looking through a lot of options that all seemed excessively cutesy, unnecessarily complicated or completely outdated, I came across Mushybooks and fell in love. The style I chose, Babyville, is beyond adorable, tasteful and perfectly curated. I can't wait to start filling in the pages soon!