The Best of Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

I don't think I've ever been more thankful for what my life has become. It hits me every day like a smack in the face and lasts until the next smack, so very rarely do I not feel a huge swell of appreciation or gratitude or 'holy hell, this is my life?' 

But Thanksgiving (despite it's troubling genesis) is a nice day to feel especially thankful. The seasons are shifting, the cool, crisp air reminds you that you're alive, and, if you're lucky, you are surrounded by those you call family. It also means that Black Friday is a day away and the holiday season is just around the corner.  

I know Black Friday has become a bit of a circus and there are movements to protest it and it can, if you look at it a certain way, seem like the antithesis of Thanksgiving   But I've always seen Black Friday as another holiday tradition and an opportunity to enjoy time with family while shopping for loved ones' holiday gifts. 

So, in the spirit of Black Friday and a celebration of gift-giving, memory-making and family-enjoying, I've rounded up some of my favorite Black Friday sales from small, independent shops. I hope, regardless of what you choose to do today or tomorrow, that you enjoy it and that it means something to you. 


Rebecca Kiff - 40% off with BLACKFRIDAY40

Childhoods Clothing  - 25% off your order (sign up for their email for the coupon code early)

Fawn and Forest  - Save 11% with SHOPEARLY

Walnut Animal Society - Sign up for their email for the discount code and be one of the first 10 orders over $140 to receive a free gift

Bitte - Free shipping on all orders  

 Briar Handmade - 15% off with BHBF15 and limited edition bonnets available

Kid + Kind - Save 15% with BLACKFRIDAY  

Little Sun Hat - Sign up for their email for the discount code  

Little Sapling Toys - 10% off with HOLIDAY2015



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