Introducing Riles and Co.

Well before Noam came along, I had another, very different baby. Its name was Riles and Co., and it is the company that I conceived and birthed out of a desire to explore my creative side and a need to make use of my hands. 

Riles and Co. is a company that makes natural, handmade soy candles. I create candles that I think are beautiful and that I know are safe - they're free of phthalates, parabens and sulfates, and I use only the highest-quality materials I can find. I'd never create or sell something I wasn't proud of but, more importantly, I'd never create or sell something I wouldn't use myself. I know these candles are as safe as they come, so I never hesitate to burn them in my home and around my (supervised) family. 

I've gone through a few iterations of Riles and Co. since opening, and I'm really proud of where I am today. After closing the shop leading up to having Noam, I decided I was finally ready to bring my candle baby back. I'm going to ease into it - I'm going to have one production day and one shipping day a week - but I'm very excited to re-introduce Riles and Co. The shop will be live beginning tomorrow, Friday, November 13. 

Below's a quick tour of what's in store. I hope you'll visit the Riles and Co. website, share it with a friend and maybe even purchase a candle. And, if you do decide to buy a little something for you or someone you know (they make great gifts!), please use THEHOMEANDTHEHEART for 15% off your order (valid tomorrow until Sunday, November 15).

And, if you're on Instagram, feel free to follow Riles and Co.  for more photos, updates and discounts. 

Right now, I offer two types of candles: a 9 oz. amber glass tumbler and a 4 oz. gold travel tin.

I'm introducing a few new scents like Oud and Apricot (my favorite) and Fig and Jasmine, but I'm also bringing back a bunch of scents. One of the scents I started with and a long-time customer favorite is Brut Rosé.

And finally, something I'm very excited about is this bundle I've created: Two Tins and a Tumbler. I know candles can get expensive, so I decided to offer a bundle that delivers a variety of scents and helps you save a few bucks. 

This is only the beginning (okay, well more like the middle that went back to the beginning), and I'm excited to keep coming up with great new products that excite and delight. If you have any ideas for things you'd like to see in my shop, please don't hesitate to comment or reach out to And if you like what you see, please don't hesitate to spread the word!

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