Friday Favorites: Numpfer

For this week's Friday Favorite, I'm basically writing an ode to Numpfer, maker of an incredibly soft multi-use bandana-style bib and multi-use blanket. Noam is currently in major teething territory and cannot go anywhere without one bib on and one in our bag for back-up. The drool is real, people. And stringy, very stringy. 


I love Numpfer because they're super soft, adorable and I don't feel weird about his putting them in his mouth, which is what he will do within five minutes of it being tied around his neck. Everything is fair game, these days. All is fair in love and teething, as they say. They do say that, right? Also, they're adorable. Have I mentioned that? White is perfect so you don't see the St. Bernard-style slobber Noam's got going on, but they've got pretty colors for the stitching so his bib coordinates with his outfit. He likes that. He demands it, really.

Anyway, I'm obsessed and I'd bet (if I were a betting woman) that you'd be too if you tried them. Enjoy!