Noam's Three Month Update

Noam is three months old today! A quarter of his first year is in the past! 13 weeks and one day since I delivered him into the world! However you slice it, it's actually almost incomprehensible to me. I know every mom says this - and I know I've said it before - but the passage of time when you have a newborn is a completely new sensation - an incredible, indescribable, bizarre sensation. I often feel like I'm watching the entire process of human evolution at warp speed with my own eyes. 


Here's how Noam is doing today.

Basic Stats

Noam has reached 15 pounds as of this week, which means he's gaining about a half a pound a week or more than one ounce a day! We're not sure how long he is (he'll be measured next month at his 4-month check-up), but he's almost outgrown 3-6 month pajamas length-wise, so it seems he's growing quickly in that area as well. He's in almost entirely 3-6 month clothes at this point (with the exception of a few large 0-3 month pieces - baby clothing sizing is terribly inconsistent) and size 2 diapers (though I don't think he will be for long).


Noam is still a great eater, though he's changed a bit in this department since last month. He now eats every 4 hours like clockwork and twice in the few hours before bed to fuel up before sleep. He then wakes up to eat once, sometimes twice, over night and is usually up for just a few minutes before going back to sleep. However, over the past week or so, I've noticed that he's begun to get distracted during daytime feedings. This is great because he's curious about the world around him but not so great because he seems to be eating less during the day. Between this and a potential growth spurt on the horizon, he's been waking up more often to eat overnight. But more on that below.


Depending on how you define 'through the night,' a term which makes me cringe, Noam's slept through the night on several occasions. He's given me many 7 hour stretches and regularly 5.5 - 6.5 stretches. However, the past few days have been a different story (I suspect mostly because of his being distracted during daytime meals), and he's been waking up more often. Last night, I think he was up no less than 5 times. It's become so much easier to feed him during the nighttime, though, since we started to co-sleep. And he's getting to the point where he barely wakes up to eat so there's minimal sleep interruption. All in all, we're moving in the right direction and I'm incredibly happy with how he's sleeping. One interesting thing that a lactation consultant recently mentioned is that babies are hard-wired to sleep lightly and wake up in the middle of the night. Don't mess with evolution. 

His naps are still a little unpredictable - he'll sleep three 2-hour naps some days and then barely one the next - but he's definitely staying awake more often during the day, which is both awesome and exhausting at this stage. I think he's becoming more of a cat napper because it seems like he enjoys sleeping here and there for 30 minutes at a time. One thing that almost always puts him out is a walk in the carrier.

Activity and Development  

This past month, we've definitely seen the biggest jump yet in terms of development. He's regularly talking (his favorite words are "ghee" and "agoo"), screaming, gurgling and cooing, following us with his eyes, reacting to our faces and voices and actions and blowing bubbles. He started teething a few weeks ago (he's an early teether), and now drools on everything and cannot last more than a few minutes without something in his mouth (it used to be his fist but now he's moved on to his fingers). He's beginning to hold on to toys for extended periods of time, but he's yet to hold on long enough to really use a teether. I'm looking forward to his using a teether more often because I think his discomfort is beginning to bother him, and I'd love to help him relieve it a bit. 

Noam also loves to be outside, look in the mirror at himself and whoever is holding him and loves meeting and interacting with new people. He hasn't reached the stranger danger phase yet, so I'm enjoying his excitement towards strangers while it lasts. He's super smiley all the time and doesn't hesitate to use that smile on anyone nearby. Cool party trick. However, I do think Noam is starting to develop a sense of identity and understanding of himself. For example, it seems like he is beginning to understand that I will give him more attention when he makes louder noises. He's a screamer. 

Finally, Noam's head control is pretty solid (no more breakable baby feeling here!) and he's working on sitting up, rolling over and playing with his feet (good doggie). Watching him move more fluidly, enjoy himself and discover his appendages is like a study in evolution - I'm always so astounded at how quickly he reaches milestones and constantly looking for the next. It's just so fascinating to feel like I'm getting to peek in to his brain. 



Noam is just such a happy baby. He's almost always smiling or will give you a smile if you give him one first (he doesn't do tricks for nothing) and talking or cooing to interact with those around him. His laugh started out high pitched but is becoming more of a belly laugh and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. He's so sweet and sensitive and knows what he wants (except when he's tired and then he's all 'I'm too tired to sleep. I think I'll cry instead') and is able to entertain himself for a little longer these days but will always welcome a silly face or sound or loud toy. Finally, his love of music has become increasingly apparent, so I guess we're going to begin collecting every plastic musical toy ever made.