Friday Favorites: Sweet Sleep

Following on the heels of yesterday's post in which I shared my thoughts on parenting books and drawing / shifting / erasing your own lines, I thought I'd share a helpful book I'm currently reading: Sweet Sleep. Pre-Noam, when it came to sleeping arrangements, I drew my line at Noam sleeping in a bassinet in our room. But around 6 weeks, my line shifted and now we co-sleep. This book has helped me immensely in not only the logistics of co-sleeping but in overcoming the stigma that surrounds it and feeling liberated and confident in my decisions.

Sweet Sleep is, without a doubt, my favorite parenting book yet. When written well, the way that Sweet Sleep is written, parenting guide books can become sources of empowerment, support and much-needed help. Sweet Sleep focuses on sharing practical, straight-forward, evidence-based advice and information that helps parents make informed, safe decisions when it comes to creating the best sleeping environment for themselves and their kids.

I especially love how rooted this book is in the science of sleep and the fact that it isn't pushy like many other parenting books can be. It provides the tools you need to make informed decisions for yourself. And, while it is written by La Leche League members and endorsed by LLLI and therefore definitely geared toward women who breastfeed, it is neither dismissive nor judgmental of those who don't. I can't recommend this book enough for parents who are interested in learning more about safe sleep environments or co-sleeping or simply would like more insight into how infants sleep.