Friday Favorites: La Leche League

This week, Noam and I went to our first La Leche League meeting in Hoboken. They meet only once a month here, so I was glad that I made it to this month's. I had been going to a different group - a new moms support group - off and on since Noam was about 5 weeks, but I found myself becoming a little disenchanted with the group in the recent weeks. It stopped feeling supportive, and I started feeling a little lost at it.

Enter La Leche League. This meeting was night and day from the other group I attended. From the atmosphere - warm, cozy and intimate - to the moms who attended - kind, grounded and completely free from judgement - La Leche League fulfilled all of the needs I have right now when it comes to a support group. 

As a new mom in a new town, it can be tough and overwhelming to make friends and find real support. But the group welcomed me and everyone else with such open arms and kind eyes, that I had felt like I belonged from the second I entered the building. I even joined some other moms afterward at a nearby park for lunch as our babies ate, cried, laughed and attempted to crawl. 

I can't say enough positive things about my experience at my first meeting, but La Leche League isn't only meetings. Its website is by far one of my favorite resources to use as a mom. There are so many questions and concerns that come up while breastfeeding, and the forums and comments from other moms going through the same thing make me feel understood and not alone in this breastfeeding experience. 

I'll leave it at this: while its regardless of whether your preference or decision is to breastfeed (though their mission primarily is to encourage, educate and inform breastfeeding mothers and promote a better understanding of the value in breastfeeding), La Leche League is supportive, understanding and, above all, deeply committed to helping every family raise its child in the most nurturing, healthy way possible.