about cristina

I created this space in 2015 as I was expecting my first son, Noam. As a 20-something who graduated from NYU and had left my short-lived career in tech, I was eager to find a space that I could own and with which I really connected.

Originally named The Home and The Heart, my blog was place where I could share my excitement and eagerness to become a mother, but also my fears and anxieties that expecting inevitably produces. 


This blog, which I've renamed to my name, has evolved and is constantly evolving - just as I have and am - into something that I am really proud of. I hope you find this space useful and empowering and, above all, safe.


My name is Cristina Toff, and I am a mom of one sweet nearly 3-year-old boy, Noam, and another little boy due in October. I live with my husband, Jason, our babes and our pups in a townhouse just outside of New York City in Hoboken, New Jersey.

After leaving full-time work to stay home with my son, I realized that I was meant to mother in a way that went beyond mothering of my family.


To that end, I became a lactation counselor and educator (CLEC), doula and La Leche League Leader, and have made it my mission to support, empower and mother other mothers through the prenatal and postpartum periods.

I am currently working on a project to nurture motherhood, and I cannot wait to share it with you. In the meantime, if you ever feel like reaching out - I'd love to hear from you.